Founders of ZOV

Zagrebačke otpadne vode d.o.o. comprises of:

WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Essen

WTE Wassertechnik GmbH is an international water management company based in Essen, Germany, which has branches and affiliates for the management and operation in Germany and abroad. The range of activities in the area of drinking and process water supply and wastewater treatment involves design, financing, construction and management of plants and associated facilities for drinking water supply and for wastewater treatment in domestic and foreign markets.

Owing to foreign operations company's daughter companies and branch offices were developed in Vienna, Warsaw, Moscow, Copenhagen, Kranjska Gora and Zagreb. For local authorities and industry WTE designs and builds wastewater treatment plants with capacity from several thousand people to plants for one million people. Wastewater treatment plants for are generally designed according to the specific requirements of individual clients.

WTE Wassertechnik GmbH is a daughter-company of EVN AG-a, leading provider in the field of power supply and infrastructure in Austria.

innogy Aqua GmbH

Innogy Aqua is within the innogy SE Group the company for water management sector with subsidiaries like RWW (Rheinisch-Westfälische Wasserwerksgesellschaft mbH) or the ZOV Group.

In the regional structure of innogy Group, RWE Hrvatska has taken over the coordination of the ZOV Group, as well as the coordination of electricity and gas business in Croatia and Slovenia.

Vodoprivreda Zagreb d.d., Zagreb

Vodoprivreda Zagreb d.d. as a company of general public interest deals with activities closely related to the development and maintenance of water resources, and green and forest areas. In the field of water management Vodoprivreda conducts the maintenance activities of water goods, regulation and water structures and equipment, carrying out technical works for flood protection and other forms of protection from the water harmful effects, planning of rivers and other waters (regulation works), as well as activities related to managing the irrigation system. Vodoprivreda Zagreb d.d. also builds and maintains the main water supply pipelines, dams, sewers and street collectors, re-pumping (lifting stations), retention areas, floodgates and other water management facilities.