Eco corner

Dear children!

Wastewater treatment is a highly demanding and complex process.

What can we do together to pollute our waters as less as possible?

  • Wastes, such as food scraps after meals, tea bags, paper, plastics and other solid waste must be thrown into a recycle bin
  • Chewing gum, Q-tips (ear buds), plastic bags, cloth or similar must not be thrown into a toilet bowl.
  • Ecological (environmental friendly) agents that contain less hazardous ingredients and thus less polluting wastewater shall be used for washing and cleaning. All cleaning agents should be used carefully and sparingly.
  • Paints and varnishes also should not be disposed into the sewer, but they should be taken to a place for disposal of special waste.
  • Trash, cigarette butts, paper, newspapers and plastic bags should not be thrown to the pavement and road, but into a recycle bin.

We firmly believe that you will help to preserve our precious waters.

"Let our basic principle be taking care of our nature and water!"