Earth Day

Since 2005 ZOV has actively celebrated 22 April, Earth Day. At the beginning of each year we invite elementary schools to send us art and literary works dedicated to nature and water protection, and for Earth Day we expose the submitted pupils’ works in our exhibition room. The permanent exhibition contains about 350 literary and art works and remains open until the next Earth Day at the premises of the administrative building of the ZOV, Čulinečka cesta 287, 10040 Zagreb. For visiting the exhibition and touring the waste water treatment facility please contact Mrs.Melita Pepelko Matthies, tel. 01 2415 700.

Within preparations for the celebration of Earth Day, every year we share free of costs the children's picture book ˝ ZOVKO: Small school of nature protection - Our waters˝ at elementary schools in Zagreb and its surroundings. We published the picture book with the intent to arouse interest and awareness of preschool and primary school children about conservation and economical use of water resources. With this picture book we want to point to the issue of vulnerability and pollution of nature and water s, and the need for all of us to be involved in preserving the natural resources. At the same time, we want to emphasize the importance of environmental projects which may, in whole or in part, restore the natural balance of threatened areas. So we want to reach the awareness of parents, educators and teachers, who become familiar through our actions with the work and purpose of the central wastewater treatment plant Zagreb (CWWTP).

During these years we have distributed these picture books to more than 100 primary schools in Zagreb and its surroundings, and our action resulted in growing interest of primary and secondary schools and colleges in operations of CWWTPZ. Throughout the year we receive your inquiries and enable students to visit CWWTPZ. Our professional staff explains the operation of all stages of the facility so that students gain insight into all aspects of wastewater treatment.