Danish Croatian Water Days gathered numerous Danish businessmen

Zagreb Wastewater Ltd as a part of the successful project Smart Water Croatia 2019!

Danish embassy thrilled with the visit to the waste water treatment plant on Žitnjak 

The project Smart Water Croatia 2019, or more popularly called Danish-Croatian Water Days, took some time to prepare but was very successfully implemented throughout Croatia from 7 to 9 May organized by the Danish embassy.

A rich exchange of information and meetings of domestic and foreign businessmen contributed to better understanding of waste water projects. It was particularly important for the Danish companies which got a better insight into what was going on in the waste water sector in our country and through their short lectures, the foreign companies’ representatives presented Danish technology which is very advanced.

In two days, the delegation headed by Mr. Christian Thorning, the Danish ambassador in the Republic of Croatia, visited as many as five waste water treatment plants.

The first on schedule was the largest plant in Croatia, the one in Zagreb.

The Danish delegation was welcomed in the Zagreb Wastewater Ltd and introduced with the operation of the plant by the Zagreb Wastewater representative Predrag Samardžija, who also held a short lecture, and by the spokesperson Astrid Werbolle.

After the short presentations by the Danish and Croatian businessmen, the delegation made a tour around the plant.

Afterwards, as a part of the programme, in the framework of the Danish-Croatian Water Days, the delegation visited the plants in Otočac, Split, Čakovec and Zaprešić.