General information

General information


1.2 mil. PE (1.5 mil. PE) and waste water treatment volume: 330,080 m3/d (442,370 m3/d)


Biological waste water treatment plant of the city of Zagreb. The plant is sized for peak hour demand of 30,510 m3 in the rainy season and to the biological BOD5 load of 72,000 kg/day, respectively, in the final phase for peak hour demand of 37,790 m3 in the rainy season and biological BOD5 load of 90,000 kg / day.

Construction start:

July 2002

Plant start-up:

April 2004

Mechanical treatment

October 2006

1st biological treatment stage (25 %)

December 2006

2nd biological treatment stage (50 %)

April 2007

3rd biological treatment stage (75 %)

August 2007

4th biological treatment stage (100 %)

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