Data protection day

From World 28.1.2021.

Not so long ago in 2007, the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data (referred to as Privacy Day outside of Europe) was marked for the first time. In April 2006, the Council of Europe decided to promote the protection of personal data every year on 28 January, the anniversary of the signing of the Council of Europe convention for the protection of persons in regard to the automated processing of their personal data (Convention 108). The main purpose of this convention, which has been the basis for the protection of personal data in Europe and beyond for more than 30 years, is to guarantee the right to privacy of every natural person with regard to the automated processing of personal data in each signatory state.

The issue of personal data protection has never been as topical and important as it is today, because our personal data is everywhere: in the workplace, in contact with public authorities, in the field of health, in the purchase of goods and services, on the Internet, at school and elsewhere. However, despite the importance of personal data, European citizens are generally not yet familiar with the protection of personal data and their rights.

Precisely for these reasons, the celebration of this day has become increasingly important for citizens to become acquainted with the rationale and methods of collecting and processing their personal data, and with their rights and obligations.

The primary purpose of marking this day is to encourage European citizens to become aware of their rights and obligations regarding the protection of their personal data, so that they can gain knowledge about this basic human right, which, although less well known, has always been present in their everyday lives and touches on most of their daily activities.

Prepared by: Astrid Werbolle

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