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European Car Free Day

From Croatia 22.9.2023.

European Day Without Cars, this year, in addition to many European and world cities, will also be marked by appropriate actions in Croatian cities, and the main goal of that day is to strengthen public awareness of serious pollution caused by reckless use of cars and to encourage the return of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport to city ​​center. 

It is an initiative of the European Union which promotes sustainable transport in cities and raises citizens' awareness of the benefits for the environment, health and quality of life. European Mobility Week ends with the European Car Free Day, which this year is celebrated from September 16 to 22 with the theme "Better connectivity!" and includes every form of sustainable transportation in the city environment. This theme was chosen to reconnect individuals across Europe after months of isolation, restrictions and obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year's slogan "Combine and move!" was chosen with this goal in mind. It encourages choosing active modes of movement or combining walking and cycling with public transport. Of course, walking and cycling have many other advantages, such as social and economic accessibility, do not produce harmful emission gases and have a positive effect on human health. Car Free Day, which is marked on September 22 by closing city centers to motor vehicles, is today the culmination of the European Movement Week, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Spatial Planning and Construction.

In Zagreb, the city center will be closed: Trg bana J. Jelačića - Jurišićeva - Palmotićeva - Boškovićeva - Andrije Hebranga - Gundulićeva - Ilica - Mesnička - Demetrov - Ilirski trg - Radićeva - Trg bana J. Jelačića.

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