A plant as a inspiration for a good shot

A plant as a inspiration for a good shot

Dan okolišnog zdravlja proslavljen foto eventom na Žitnjaku

Published: 24.9.2020.

Responsible behavior towards nature and love for photography brought together two artists, photographer Damir Hoyka and actress Natalija Đorđević at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zagreb.

In light of the World Environment Health Day, which is celebrated on September 26, the plant on the edge of the city has become a place of inspiration for the photo event 'Fotosofi in action ZOV' under the auspices of the esteemed photographer Damir Hoyka.

The shots of dirty fecal water from a million inhabitants, and the product of clean water after treatment that goes to the Sava River, especially delighted the actress Natalija Đorđević, who caught the camera herself and recorded an eco-oasis in the eastern part of the city.

Although this day has not been celebrated in Croatia so far, which emphasizes the importance of environmental protection for our health, with these photo event a dozen participants of the Fotosofi seminar emphasized the attention that every responsible person should do in the future for their environment and future generations.


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