Cape Verde, Africa FOTO: New Scientist

Cape Verde, Africa

An innovative way of converting wastewater into useful energy!

Published: 10.1.2022.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

Patrick Gomes invented a project that filters wastewater and produces cooking gas and electricity.

An architecture student believes the equipment he designed himself can help Cape Verdeans cope with the water shortage in the country.
Let’s just say that Cape Verde is an archipelago and an island nation in the central Atlantic Ocean, which consists of ten volcanic islands. These islands lie between 600 to 850 kilometers west of Cap-Vert, the westernmost point of continental Africa. Cape Verde is part of the Macaronesian ecoregion, along with the Azores, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Wild Islands. They are an important trade route, but they are struggling with energy, water ...
This architecture student wants to avoid water consumption. Patrick Gomes invented the portable wastewater tank. The equipment filters wastewater by decantation. But the "RECYCLE" project is not just for water purification. "RECYCLE" works autonomously. It seeks to address water scarcity in Cape Verde. An ecological tank is a viable alternative to septic tanks. The impact on the environment is smaller because there are no gas emissions. Gomes hopes to expand the project to other countries in Africa. The project is funded by the United Nations.

We wish him good luck in his further innovative work.

Written by: Astrid Werbolle

Source: DW

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