Donation for carefree return to school!

Donation for carefree return to school!

Published: 11.5.2020.

With the coronavirus pandemic slowly subsiding, as of Monday, 11 May 2020, the youngest primary school students are back at school too. Slowly, but surely, however, still with great caution, parents brought their youngest to day-care centers and schools.

In order to make the time of the adjustment to the new conditions that are still in force easier for them, the company Zagrebačke otpadne vode d.o.o. decided to facilitate the first steps of the return to school for a neighbourhood school, Žitnjak Primary School, by donating the most necessary medical equipment to it. The same included non-contact thermometers, cotton masks, gloves and disinfectant fluid. On behalf of the school, the donation was happily and with words of thanks taken over by principal Margita Madunić Kaniški, hoping that, thanks to this equipment, the children and their parents will feel safe and protected in their school.


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