Posjet djelatnika Oikon d.o.o. FOTO: Astrid Werbolle


September is ideal for a walk through the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Zagreb with an educational guide on water purification

Published: 15.9.2021.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

Beautiful days in mid-September, brought to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant all those who, perhaps due to the coronavirus pandemic during the winter, postponed their visit for nicer days. According to epidemiological conditions, and with a safe distance and protective masks, fifteen experts in the field of ecology took a walk and got acquainted with the work of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Zagreb. Employee group leader Oikon d.o.o. - Institute of Applied Ecology, Ph.D. Božica Šorgić, M.Sc. chem was pleased to present young colleagues, ZOV spokesperson Astrid Werbolle and chief technologist dr.sc. Marin Ganjto. The new, future forces in the field of environmental protection, experts in various fields did not lack questions about the operation of the device, although they themselves have already gone through a lot thanks to the projects they are working on with older colleagues. Let's just say that the Institute for Applied Ecology is a licensed and accredited company / research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region. Areas in which Oikon operates are nature and environmental protection, industrial ecology, renewable energy sources, natural resource management, ecological modeling, landscape analysis and design, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and ICT, environmental law, politics and economics, studies feasibility, and program and project management. Therefore, as independent experts in the field of ecology, it was very interesting for them to see the operation of a device that achieves enviable results in wastewater treatment, and works at the highest environmental standards 365 days a year without a break. Oikom employees and ZOV employees exchanged their knowledge and exchange of opinions on constructive issues, and we are happy to welcome new groups in the future here in the east of Zagreb.

Written by: Astrid Werbolle


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