Domovinski most FOTO: Astrid Werbolle

Homeland bridge, multifunctional building!

Award-winning bridge, important for the City in terms of traffic and infrastructure

Published: 2.7.2021.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

And while we are driving along the Homeland Bridge towards the new airport in Zagreb, we have no idea that it is a multi-purpose bridge that has a very important role not only for traffic but also for the infrastructure of the City. Namely, the Homeland Bridge is a multi-purpose building with a traffic and other infrastructural function. In terms of traffic, the bridge connects the center, and especially the southeastern part of the city with the bypass highway and the Franjo Tuđman Airport.

Pedestrian, automobile, but also possible traffic of track vehicles (tram, city railway) is planned.

The bridge is intended for the transfer of the main wastewater pipeline from Novi Zagreb, but also for the crossing of water supply, gas and electricity lines from one bank of the Sava to another.

The total length of the bridge is 879 m, width 34 m. The Sava riverbed is bridged with one large span, a structure known as the 'bridge prestressed by extrados'.

The main project was made by the Croatian Institute for Bridges and Structures-Zagreb, which won the first prize in a previous public tender.

The bridge was opened to traffic in May 2007.

Just these days, the new mayor Tomislav Tomašević opened the rehabilitation works on the Homeland Bridge, which will last for six months. The bridge was still open at that time, but in one lane.

The photo created for the purpose of this article were taken the evening before the start of work, at the end of the day ...

Text and photo: Astrid Werbolle


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