Live visits started on our plant

Live visits started on our plant

After months of pandemic...

Published: 17.3.2022.

The first visitors come with spring

After months of pandemic and a large number of patients, and interactive online tours on our plant via zoom application, thanks to new measures and a lower rate of patients, finally we were happy to receive the first visitors this week.

A group of foreign visitors from Portugal arrived at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zagreb. These are Erasmus exchange students who arrived from two colleges in Portugal; POLYTECHNIC OF PORTO - SCHOOL HEALTH, and Polytechnic of Coimbra - Escuola Superior de Technologia de Saude, studies that have a very strong program related to environmental protection. As part of their visit to Croatia, they are staying at the Velika Gorica University and working on various topics in the field of environmental protection. Therefore, it was very interesting for them to visit the wastewater treatment plant, which they have not had the opportunity to see so far. Accompanied by associate professors Sanja Kalambura, vice dean for science and quality who has been on our plant multiple times. There was no lack of student questions, as well as interest in our environmental protection system in Croatia. Delighted with what they saw, they promised to meet again in a few years when they start practice everthing that they learn in school.

Writen by: Astrid Werbolle


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