Students from the Health University are dear guests on our plant

Students from the Health University are dear guests on our plant

The first year of future health professionals, learned the importance of wastewater treatments!

Published: 18.5.2022.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

When you have a mentor such is Ana Mojsović Ćuić, Ph.D. from the Department of  Biology and Physics, that what may be less attractive will seem to you the most interesting and easily acceptable. We are talking about wastewater, which in itself and its composition something that enters the circle of the most polluted media in the world. But after the whole process of purification, the pleasure of seeing the results leaves no one indifferent.

This is also the case with each new generation of enrolled students from the Health University in Zagreb, who came to us this year to get acquainted with the work of the central wastewater treatment plant of Zagreb. To the eastern part of the city, these 60 students dared to take public transport and did not regret it. In our eco-oasis on Žitnjak, students learned all about the importance of wastewater treatment in our metropolis. As future health professionals, these students were mostly interested in the composition of incoming and outgoing water, and the quality after discharge it into the Sava River. Considering that we are achieving results higher than expected, the future paramedics were very satisfied.


Written by: Astrid Werbolle

Translated by: Andrea Božić


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