Teamwork and exchange of experiences outside the office! FOTO: Astrid Werbolle

Teamwork and exchange of experiences outside the office!

E.ON Croatia Management in CUPOVZ

Published: 13.10.2021.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

Teamwork and knowledge sharing on the Wastewater Treatment Plant itself, outside the office is also an important part of our corporation’s success. And health and safety is one of the priorities in ZOV's business! It was the same at the beginning of this week on a tour of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zagreb with CEO E.ON Croatia Dr. Andreas Rörig, CFO E.ON Ashkan Hosseini, and in the company of host CEO ZOV Dr. Thomas Sichla, Chief Technologist of ZOV Dr. Marin Ganjto and ZOV PR Astrid Werbolle.

There was no lack of interest in the operation of wastewater treatment plants by the E.ON Croatia Management, while special emphasis was placed on Health and Safety, which is a very important item for good and safe operation of this type of device and care for the protection of its employees and visitors.

We are looking forward to a new visit and eko workshops for our colleagues and future visitors.

By: Astrid Werbolle


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