Vienna makes the most of the benefits of wastewater FOTO:

Vienna makes the most of the benefits of wastewater

In order to create a neutral central heating network, the city of Vienna is building a modern heat pump, which will be supplied with renewable energy.

Published: 28.2.2022.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

Vienna's energy company Wien Energie will build one of the largest heat pumps in Europe next to Vienna's water purifier located in the 11th district of Simmering.

It is expected that the 55 MW pump after the first phase of works in mid-2023 will start producing enough heat to supply about 56,000 households. Thanks to this project, carbon dioxide emissions in the Austrian capital should be reduced by 300,000 tons annually. The heat pump works in the same way as the cooler, but in the opposite direction. In the case of refrigerators, heat is generated as a by-product of cooling, and in the case of a heat pump, this heat is the desired product. The surplus heat generated by the Vienna water purifier will account for two-thirds of the energy required, while one-third will go to "green" energy from the nearby Freudenau hydroelectric plant. In this way, it will be possible to use valuable energy from treated wastewater that has been unused so far. The Viennese company will invest around 70 million euros in the project of building this heat pump. Construction work on the pump will begin in March 2022, and its commissioning after Phase one is planned for mid-2023. In 2027, the pump is expected to produce enough heat for 112,000 households.

Source: Ekovjesnik

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