Valuable information come from watersamples!

Valuable information come from watersamples!

At the waste water treatment plant in Zagreb, we analyze up to 30 sludge and water samples per day...

Published: 17.10.2022.

Although the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant is automated, our greatest value are the people, experts who perform their work flawlessly. From technologists, laboratory technicians, engineers, maintenance workers, etc., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we strive to provide the citizens of the city of Zagreb with a wastewater treatment service, where water after the process achieves excellent quality and is ready for discharge into the Sava river.

Daily sampling of composite samples of incoming wastewater (influent) and outgoing purified wastewater (effluent) successfully controls the quality of wastewater, and thus the efficiency of the device, also the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process of the city of Zagreb. In addition to composite samples of influent and effluent, current samples of activated sludge from aeration bioreactors and samples of all sludges produced during the purification process are taken. The testing laboratory on our plant is accredited and certified for taking and testing waste water samples. Analyzing the samples gives us valuable information on how to optimize the process. About 30 sludge and water samples are analyzed daily. We often cooperate with the Institute for Public Health, the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Andrija Štampar Training Institute. These are valuable collaborations, and behind us are numerous researches that we have helped precisely by sampling waste water.

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