About ZOV on the HRT educational program

About ZOV on the HRT educational program

In a TV Show all about the river Sava and our plant

Snimanje 1

Education of children and young people is a very important part of the Croatian national television.

At the beginning of the summer a television crew from HRT joined us in our premises at ZOV, they filmed our plant for the TV show “In search of...”.

Snimanje 2Snimanje 3

This is a show for the education program on the national television, that deals with less known geographical facts and the latest episodes that have been filmed and will be displayed starting the new school year, exploring the river Sava and the factors that affect it. So our waste water treatment plant took a place in the show, because of the highly contribution for cleaner and more beautiful river Sava.

Translation: Andrea Ćosić

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