Field teaching of chemistry and biology, this time for professors! FOTO: Astrid Werbolle

Field teaching of chemistry and biology, this time for professors!

At the end of the school year, the professors became acquainted with the work of CUPOVZ

Published: 25.6.2021.
The article was edited and published by Andrea Božić

Not even the hottest day at the beginning of this summer, could not stop us from giving up a tour of the CUPOVZ with visibly interested professors of chemistry and biology.

It is a group of about twenty professors, members of the Zagreb County East, led by leaders Ivana Skočić (head of biology) and Melita Androlić (head of chemistry), who organized their visit to ZOV after the end of the school year.

And while most professors knew that a device on the outskirts of the city existed, they also did not know of the excellent results that ZOV achieves by purifying wastewater. The difference between the incoming water at the first, mechanical stage and at the subsequent sedimentation pools with water ready for discharge into the Sava was already visible to their eyes.

There was certainly no lack of questions because the professors are real experts in their field, while biology and chemistry are certainly represented in the processes that take place at the purifier in Žitnjak.

And while they got a true picture of the whole process only after the whole tour, the professors were certainly interested in bringing their students in the fall, and replacing the chemistry or biology class by visiting the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zagreb.

We look forward to their arrival.

Text and photo: Astrid Werbolle

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