Happy Earth Day, the greenest eco holiday!

Happy Earth Day, the greenest eco holiday!

We have celebrated our most important nature holiday 'Earth Day', which will last all day online, thanks to modern technology, pupil creativity and the tenacity of teachers and professors to make pupils a part of the events in ZOV this year as well.

Published: 22.4.2021.

Although we thought that this spring, after a year of pandemic, would bring us Earth Day where children could once again happily gather at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Zagreb, it was unfortunately not possible. However, there was no lack of will and creativity. Since the beginning of the competition for the best literary and artistic works on the topic of nature and environmental protection, we have received 200 picturesque works. This year, we have moved the participation and celebration of our 16th Earth Day online, to our website, to enable anyone interested to see the imaginative works. However, to preserve the tradition of a real exhibition, the works have also been exhibited in the premises of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant and are eagerly waiting for the first visitors as soon as epidemiological measures allow.

To keep up with the new media and modern technology, this year we have introduced a new category of vlogs (video), that is becoming an increasingly popular means for pupils to express their commitment.

What is certainly a constant is the selection of the ECO Ambassador, that will be awarded to a primary school this year, thanks to their group work, for which they will proudly carry the title of the most environmental school in Zagreb and the Zagreb County. It is a great honour and obligation, as children will have to keep developing their environmental work, for which they will receive a special reward from Zagrebačke otpadne vode. Similarly, individual and group works will be rewarded by categories, as works were many and it was by no means an easy choice.

During Earth Day, pupils, high school and university students will have the opportunity to visit the plant through zoom application and learn everything there is to know about wastewater treatment and the importance of treatment plants for metropolises such as Zagreb.

It should be noted that in the past year alone, the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant treated as many as 125 million m3 of wastewater and thus greatly contributed to the cleanliness of the Sava River and the ecosystem in the Zagreb area.

So let’s preserve our nature, rivers and seas. Let us not allow future generations to live on a polluted planet that we have bequeathed to them. Let's first take care of our yard, streams, and then of our City, and the country we live in. Because today is an environmental holiday, and clean water is a resource without which life as we know it is impossible!

Written by: Astrid Werbolle

Images: Davor Martinović

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